Of Scars and Stardust, by Andrea Hannah


imageFast Facts:

  • Genre: Realistic Fiction/Fantasy/Mystery
  • Recommended For: Fans of Mystery or Fantasy
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Intrigued by mystery? Love realistic fiction with a fantasy twist? Of Scars and Stardust, by Andrea Hannah is a great read for you. It all begins in the small, quiet town of Amble, Ohio. Claire Graham, the police chief’s daughter, is used to a quiet life, regardless of her father’s reputation. He allegedly messed up the biggest missing persons case the town has ever seen, when eight year old Sarah Dunnard went missing a month before. One night, Claire finds her younger sister, Ella, in the corn patch, her face covered in cuts and blood. She starts ranting about the “wolves” that got her sister and Sarah. Claire is sent to Manhattan to stay with her aunt and recover from the accident. Two years later, she is struggling to form a new life when all she can think of is Ella. In every bird, on every corner, in every sound she hears, all Claire knows is the pain her sister is going through, and how it was all her fault that Ella was alone in the cornfield that night. The only good thing she has to hold on to is the fact that Ella is still alive, even after her attack. When her aunt received a call from her mother saying that Ella has gone missing, Claire spirals out of control. Now, the wolves are everywhere. Paw prints on the side walk. Glowing eyes in the book store. Claire flees from Manhattan back to Amble in search of her sister. Embarking on a thrilling quest to find her, Claire quickly learns just how many secrets are buried under that quaint, small town façade.

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