Dissonance, by Erica O’Rourke


imageDissonance by Erica O’Rourke is a science-fiction/romance book. Delancey Sullivan, also known as Del, is a Walker. Walkers can “Walk” between dimensions. Every time someone makes a decision in our world, the “Key World,” a new world is formed where another version of the person (called an “Echo”) chooses a different path. Then all of those create different branches, and so on. The Walkers’ job is to find any mistakes with the Echoes or in the alternate dimensions. If one is found they “cleave” the world, destroying it. Del loves Walking, but hates cleaving. Walking calms and relaxes her, but when a world is cleaved she can’t help but feel bad for all the lost echoes, even though everyone says that they are just shadows, not real. When Del accidentally cleaves a world, however, everything goes downhill. She’s expelled from Walker school and is not allowed to go on Walks by herself. When Del starts running into her crush, Simon, every time she Walks with her sister, she thinks it’s just a coincidence. But when he starts seeing things through his Echo and appearing even more, Del realizes something is up. Working with her grandfather, sister, best friend, and Simon, she figures out that the Walker government is not as perfect as seems.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction, romance, or suspense. Dissonance is well written and impossible to put down. The characters are relatable and full of depth. All the little details weave together to make a great story. The ending leaves some questions and room for a sequel, but isn’t overly frustrating and answers most questions. Dissonance isn’t O’Rourke’s first book, and hopefully it won’t be her last.

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Fan Art, by Sarah Tregay



Fan Art by Sarah Tregay was a very enjoyable book to read, with realistic teenage characters, especially those struggling with their identities and accepting themselves. Jamie, the main character, has a crush on his best friend of many years, Mason, and is unsure if his feelings will be reciprocated. He makes friends with a fellow art class student, Eden, and together they make their way their way through high school and prom. All the while trying to get another student’s comic, which features two gay characters, into “Gumshoe” which is the school’s magazine.

It is very good to see LGBT representation, especially in Young Adult novels. Fan Art was a fantastic book for this, with four main characters who respectively identify as gay and lesbian. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed that one character [spoiler alert!] was not bisexual, because they had romantic interactions with characters of different genders. Having LGBT characters in novels is fantastic, but usually they focus around gay and lesbian characters, while bisexual and transgender character are featured less.

All in all, Fan Art was a fun book, with both tension and humor in turn. I would rate it a four out of five stars.

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Sweet & Salty Taste off tomorrow March 14 at 1 PM


chocolate chip cookie with a bite outSince there is no school in Beaverton tomorrow, we thought it would be a great time to have a Sweet and Salty Taste-off for teens. Anyone grade 6-12 can stop by between 1-3 PM at Cedar Mill Library to vote on your favorite treats. We’ll have several options to vote on, both sweet and salty. Come on by and see if your favorites are included and let YOUR VOICE be heard!

Sign up now for Programming in Python for Teens


Students in Computer LabIn the new year, we are offering a computer programming in Python class starting on Thursday, January 16th at 5:30 PM and runs every Thursday at 5:30 for 8 weeks until March 13th.  This introduction to the python language will give you many new skills and it’s free!  Spots are limited though, so sign up soon.

Learn basic programming
concepts such as data types and data structures, conditionals and loops, object oriented programming, graphical user interfaces animation and sounds. What can you do with Python? Design games, run websites, explore mathematical concepts,
and analyze data. Python will also assist you in learning other languages such as Java and C++. Supercharge your programming skills as you learn the software Star Wars animators, Google engineers, and game designers use to make their projects a success!  Call 503-644-0043 x114 to register.  Spots are limited so call soon.

Catching Fire trivia Saturday Nov. 2nd at the Bethany Library


Catching FireAre you a Hunger Games superfan?  Are you ready to match wits against other fans?  Come to our Catching Fire teen trivia night Saturday, November 2nd at the Bethany Library.  Event starts at 6 PM.  We’ll play several rounds of jeopardy style trivia.  We’ll even show the Hunger Games in part of the library if you don’t want to do trivia.  Expect snacks and prizes as well.  Free event for grades 6-12.

Teen Book Review: Different Girl


different girlDifferent Girl by Gordon Dalquist tells the science fiction story of Veronika and 3 other girls who all live together on an island.  They have two adults who take care of them, Isobel and Robert.  As the book goes along, you can tell that there is a something very different about the 4 girls even though they seem to lead a regular life, they take a walk in the morning, help with lunch and go to school.  Later on, a girl named Mary washes ashore on the island, the lone survivor of a recent shipwreck.  Mary’s arrival spurs the girls to  question who they are and why they are on the island.

Personally, I didn’t really like this book, but it was interesting to read and put together the pieces for myself.  Because of this, I think it’s well written in that sense, but it was boring for me.  This book is appropriate for pretty much anyone in middle or high school and it seems like it is the first in a series.


Teen Book Review: Anything But Ordinary


anythingAnything but Ordinary by Lara Avery is the story of 17 year old diver, Bryce, who falls into a coma after hitting her head.  She is in the coma for five long years, missing high school graduation, Olympic trials, and college.  When she wakes up, strange things begin to happen to her.  She vividly remembers events that took lace while she was asleep, events she shouldn’t be able to remember.  She tries to make everything go back to normal – workout routines with her dad, hanging out with her best friend – but she begins to realize that the world she fell asleep in is not the same one in which she wakes up.  This one is for readers 12 and up.