The Lonesome Young, By Lucy Connors


imageFast Facts:

  • Genre: Romance/Action
  • Recommended For: Romance Fans
  • Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The Lonesome Young is a thrilling novel that romance readers will enjoy. It seems to be built off the idea of Romeo and Juliet, only with more action and a happier ending. The Rhodales and Whitefields have held a huge grudge against each other for the last century. Now, Mickey Rhodale and Victoria Whitefield, heirs of the two families, try to ignore their magnetic pull towards each other. But how long can that last? I thought this book was…interesting. Maybe it could use a better name and a less intense cover. Don’t want to scare away the readers! In the end, The Lonesome Young is great for all those intense romance lover out there!

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