Dissonance, by Erica O’Rourke


imageDissonance by Erica O’Rourke is a science-fiction/romance book. Delancey Sullivan, also known as Del, is a Walker. Walkers can “Walk” between dimensions. Every time someone makes a decision in our world, the “Key World,” a new world is formed where another version of the person (called an “Echo”) chooses a different path. Then all of those create different branches, and so on. The Walkers’ job is to find any mistakes with the Echoes or in the alternate dimensions. If one is found they “cleave” the world, destroying it. Del loves Walking, but hates cleaving. Walking calms and relaxes her, but when a world is cleaved she can’t help but feel bad for all the lost echoes, even though everyone says that they are just shadows, not real. When Del accidentally cleaves a world, however, everything goes downhill. She’s expelled from Walker school and is not allowed to go on Walks by herself. When Del starts running into her crush, Simon, every time she Walks with her sister, she thinks it’s just a coincidence. But when he starts seeing things through his Echo and appearing even more, Del realizes something is up. Working with her grandfather, sister, best friend, and Simon, she figures out that the Walker government is not as perfect as seems.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction, romance, or suspense. Dissonance is well written and impossible to put down. The characters are relatable and full of depth. All the little details weave together to make a great story. The ending leaves some questions and room for a sequel, but isn’t overly frustrating and answers most questions. Dissonance isn’t O’Rourke’s first book, and hopefully it won’t be her last.

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Fan Art, by Sarah Tregay



Fan Art by Sarah Tregay was a very enjoyable book to read, with realistic teenage characters, especially those struggling with their identities and accepting themselves. Jamie, the main character, has a crush on his best friend of many years, Mason, and is unsure if his feelings will be reciprocated. He makes friends with a fellow art class student, Eden, and together they make their way their way through high school and prom. All the while trying to get another student’s comic, which features two gay characters, into “Gumshoe” which is the school’s magazine.

It is very good to see LGBT representation, especially in Young Adult novels. Fan Art was a fantastic book for this, with four main characters who respectively identify as gay and lesbian. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed that one character [spoiler alert!] was not bisexual, because they had romantic interactions with characters of different genders. Having LGBT characters in novels is fantastic, but usually they focus around gay and lesbian characters, while bisexual and transgender character are featured less.

All in all, Fan Art was a fun book, with both tension and humor in turn. I would rate it a four out of five stars.

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Also Known As Elvis, by James Howe



Also Known As Elvis is a heartfelt journey through the struggles of your average teenage boy. Schyuler “Skeezie” Tookis is living in Paintbrush Falls, a backwater town with little to note. He lives in a dysfunctional family, and has been ever since his father left without notice many years ago. However, he returns one day, and brings a storm of emotions with him. As Skeezie struggles with his emotions and conflicting family issues, he discovers just what he really wants out of his friends, his parents, and most importantly, himself. I enjoyed the portrayal of his struggles throughout the book, and how accurate and realistic his problems were.

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Wiser U: Practice SAT and ACT tests at the library


Need practice on the ACT or the SAT?  We’ve got practice sessions for both tests scheduled, the ACT in October and the SAT in December.

These are fully-proctored practice SAT (approx. 4 hrs) and ACT (approx. 3.5 hrs) exams.  They testwill show students what to expect in a test-like environment. Students will receive a comprehensive analysis of their performance on the test, detailing individual strengths and weaknesses.

To sign up, click on the links below.  For high school students only.

Practice ACT test – Saturday Oct. 11  9:30 AM -2 PM


Practice SAT test – Saturday Dec. 13   9 AM-1:30 PM


Wiser U: Intro to Computer Programming


Students in Computer LabThis fall, we’re offering an Intro to Computer Programming class for grades 6-12 on Thursday nights at 5:30 starting on September 25th and running for 6 weeks. Spots are limited, so call 503-644-0043 x114 for more details and to sign up.

This class is designed as preparation for students who wish to learn computer programming, but who do not have previous programming experience. The concepts covered will include fundamentals necessary for programming: binary numbers, image representation, text compression, error detection and correction, sorting algorithms, network routing and deadlocks, machine language and controlling digital objects. You will learn and practice your skills using a variety of computer programs.

Join our Teen Library Council


Group photo

Local teens can help the library by applying for our Teen Library Council.  We’re looking for teens and tweens entering 6th-12th grades who can help us plan and promote our programs to and for local teens.  Good candidates need to love the library, like telling other teens about what is happening at the library and enjoy books and reading.  As a member, teens and tweens will make new friends, plan and promote events, gain leadership skills and have your voice heard.  Applications are available in the library or you can click the link below.  They are due on July 14th and you can expect to be contacted for an interview in late July or August.  The new Library Council will meet in September.

Teen Library Council apl for CMCL 2014

Teen Sweet and Salty Taste off results


photo from bunchofpants photostream on flickr

The results of our teen sweet and salty taste-off are in! The local teens at the event chose Cheetos as their favorite salty snack and good old donut holes as their favorite sweet snack.  Teens got to try tradition snacks like popcorn, pretzels, Reeses peanut butter cups, and chocolate chip cookies along with stranger snacks like wasabi peas, seaweed and florescent green frosting.  If there was one thing that most everyone agreed on, it’s that Watermelon frosting is pretty gross.  All in all, everyone had a great time and many were busy thinking of other interesting taste-offs we could do in the future.  Soda?  Sour?  What’s your idea?

Here is the rundown for the Sweet snacks- Best, sweetest, best texture:

S&S sweet best S&S sweetest S&S sweet texture

And here are the Salty results –  Best, saltiest, best texture:

S&S salty best S&S saltiestS&S salty texture